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About Grumpfish

Grumpfish Web Services is a web hosting and web site development business, solely owned and operated by Rosie Cevasco, with help and support from friends and fellow developers.

I started developing web sites in 1998. I was immediately hooked by the instant gratification of web work after many years as a programmer, in which one had to wait, often for a long time, to see the results of changes made to programs. I began by hand coding all my pages, a practice I continue today. Early on I tried WYSIWYG editors but was appalled by the trash they made of the HTML. Also, due to my programming background, I could see the value in coding standards and of creating layout and design elements once, to be used as templates for all pages of a site. That led me to Cascading Style Sheets. Browser support for CSS was sketchy at best in the early days, but I persisted. I studied the work of Eric Meyer and Dan Cederholm and everything else I could get my hands on. These days, I use a Content Management System called Joomla!™, but my early efforts have left me with a solid background in HTML and CSS which allow me to easily "tweek" and even build my own Joomla!™ templates. I am an enthusiastic supporter of standards-based web site development as put forth by the W3C and I am an Open Source software advocate (some would say nut!).

The Grumpfish logo was designed by Wendy Butler of Little Creek, a web designer and graphics artist located in Lovelock, Nevada. Many thanks, Wendy, for sharing your talents with me.

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